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A Passionate and Loving Photographer

The lovers that come to me are the most beautiful and kind hearted people.  Often times they are my friends from the creative industry!  They are musicians, artists and fellow photographers, dancers…  They all seek to have photographs that document that love, the tender moments between them, the kisses, the caresses, the whispered secrets.   They already envisioned the heartfelt, artistic photographs to be captured on their wedding day.  They truly have created an epic celebration and they deserve to have every single image they have longed for.  These photographs will be authentic, luminous and effortless.  Sometimes, they will be running with me barefoot in a field, or experimenting with double exposures.  My brides sometimes even want to do a romantic boudoir session to gift their other half.

As a wedding photographer I am invested in your love story. Working with you is not just another job to be completed but it is truly an honour and a gift and my life’s work.


A Generous Encourager – Mentor

For my dreamers, you are bubbling with gifts and talents waiting to be discovered.  You have so much passion within you to let your creation be seen.  Your desire to elevate your brand in business dictates most of your choices right now.  As someone who has been where you are, I have put together special programs of sharing my journey and transformation openly and honestly.  It’s hard to imagine but at one time I was a very burnt out and uninspired photographer and through skills I have learnt, I have transformed to be a happy and fulfilled artist with a calendar filled with beautiful projects.   I stepped into my calling and what my biggest joy in life would be helping you step into yours.  Set up a call with me today to see how we can best work together and see how I can best support you.


A Compassionate Humanitarian Worker

With gifts, talents, love and abundance comes great responsibility.   With someone who lives as open heartedly as I do, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed about the state of the world.  With poverty, disease and violence, the light within me feels more called to action.   I do this through various fundraisers and awareness campaigns that specifically help vulnerable children of our earth and lead to the betterment of their lives through my profession as a photographer.  My greatest joy, is when I can inspire other photographers to come along in my journey and make a difference together!

Let’s have a chat, I would love to hear all about your wedding and also your dreams!  I love helping you my lovers to get one step ahead with your wedding planning, and I love helping you my dreamers to feel excited again about the gifts and talents that you have in your hands!

This is a free no-obligation session. My gift to you so that I could add value to your journey.

About Amelia

Amelia Soegijono has been trained in some of the world’s most prestigious art schools including RMIT in Melbourne and Parsons School of Design in New York City graduating with distinctions.  She has also been mentored by the world’s best including Eryk Fitkau (Luzer’s Archive 200 best Ad photographers worldwide) and Jose Villa (Amongst the most respected fine art wedding photographers in the world). Amelia is available to photograph lifestyle stories and weddings in Australia and beyond. She also regularly photographs for beauty, fashion editorials and advertising assignments.  Amelia’s work has been published on Magnolia RougeStyle Me PrettyWhite Magazine, The Fount, Wedding Sparrow, to name a few! Visit here to see some of the beautiful features. Amelia speaks English, Chinese and Indonesian. Amelia is also mama to two little children, Liam and Sky, whom she raises with her husband Lex in Sydney, Australia.

International Availability

Amelia is based in Sydney, Australia but available worldwide. Her popular destinations are Bali, New York, Hawaii, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Japan


Amelia’s work is an absolutely heavenly. She is my favorite photographer ever!! Her use of film and her love for light create the most dreamy and beautiful scenes. Our wedding day photos are stunning and accurately depict the emotions and happiness I felt on our day! She is incredibly talented at styling as well. I felt so comfortable and at ease in front of the lens, with her direction and vision. We will cherish these memories forever and I cannot wait to work with her again! I would recommend Amelia to anyone and everyone!!! She is also one of the kindest people I have ever met!

Will and Capen – Camden, NSW 2017

We both could not thank Amelia more for all the efforts that she and her team put out on our wedding day. Truly amazing and we both can see how she takes her work so seriously and with so much love and passion.

Dave and Carmen – Pier 1, Sydney 2017

Let’s have a chat and see if we can strengthen the vision you have for your wedding day.
You can also get a feel of how I would approach photographing your wedding, capturing your memories, and putting you at ease in front of the camera.
This is a free session, my gift to you.

Amelia exclusively shoots a limited number of 15 weddings annually to maintain her commitment to giving her best to each of her lovers and dreamers. 2018 dates are currently halfway filled as of December 2017.