” Inspired by love, light and beauty ” 
– Amelia Soegijono

Amelia's thoughts


We are all on a path of discovery to experience life that makes us human. From the moment we are welcomed into this world, to teenage crushes and finding our soulmate, to giving birth; love weaves like a golden thread throughout as our reason for living.

I am convicted of the vulnerable and fleeting nature of time when it comes to the different chapters of love that seem to unfold and form our life stories. This is why I think I have been blessed with the gift to create tangible memories that will be timelessly treasured.


I work primarily with soft natural lights as I love how the delicate nature of this light organically and effortlessly wraps my subjects, producing beautiful shapes, forms and colours that are soft and dreamy.

I work with mostly a medium format camera film (Contax 645). The real grain, the romantic sound of the shutter, the timeless colours, incredible skintones and the softness of it all resonates well with what I see and feel in my heart about the delicate and beauty of human relationships.


I believe everyone is beautiful though we don’t always feel that way. I think I have been blessed with a gift to uncover beauty from whoever walked in front of my lens. I find tremendous joy in seeing the people I photograph smile and feel that they are seeing the best version of themselves.  It is not unusual for me to get emotional seeing their stories captured tangibly when I see the final product on paper. This gift I have is not mine but entrusted to me from God and I’d be priviledged to share it with you.

Lastly, I’d share it with you that I felt called to be part of the solution when it comes to the vulnerable children whom humanity has failed. We actively donate at least 10% of our income to this cause. At the moment our heart is for Aleppo and we give to World Vision and Save the Children. I hope to partner together with you to pave a way to give a chance for a happy childhood for these children.

Amelia Soegijono has been trained in some of the world’s most prestigious art schools including RMIT in Melbourne and Parsons School of Design in New York City graduating with distinctions.  She has also been mentored by the world’s best including Eryk Fitkau (Luzer’s Archive 200 best Ad photographers worldwide) and the master Jose Villa (Amongst the most respected fine art wedding photographers in the world).

Amelia is available to photograph lifestyle stories and weddings in Australia and beyond. She also regularly photographs for beauty, fashion editorials and advertising assignments.  Amelia’s work has been published on Magnolia RougeStyle Me PrettyWhite MagazineModern WeddingPolka Dot BrideWedded WonderlandEsquire magazine, to name a few! Visit here to see some of the beautiful features.

Amelia is also mama to a beautiful little boy, Liam, whom she raises with her husband Lex in Sydney, Australia.