My Gift To You

For many years I lost sight of my artistic voice and wandered aimlessly in the safe zone, delivering good work to happy clients but I was feeling defeated, uninspired and ready to throw in the towels because I am not flourishing as an artist.  Because I was desperate for a change, I met a turning point in my career.  The insecure, safe, burnt out and unhappy photographer in me left, and now I am bubbling with joy as a creator of beautiful imageries and I want to help other photographers be in the same place as I am – a fulfilled and happy artist.

One of the most important thing that gets me up in the morning is to have great, exciting projects and weddings showing up in my calendar.  I was close to feeling burnt out because I was shooting anything and everything, thinking if I work hard, I will be fine.  I was not fine and it was definitely not a smart way of working.  So here you go, if you are where I was, feeling a little bit unsure about your journey and direction, I have a little gift for you.  These little tips will help you rethink your strategies and start on a journey to welcoming beautiful, exciting dream projects.