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Amelia Soegijono Photography Workshops

for dreamers, entrepreneurs and world changers

Join me and my workshop partners as we embark on unforgettable journeys throughout the world where photographers will learn to find themselves amongst the countless other photographers in this world.  You will be inspired to discover your own individual voice, to create unique and beautiful work from the depths of your heart and soul.  To be secure as a photographer whose place and calling can’t be replaced by anyone else.  Imagine the kind of mesmerising and beautiful work that will emerge out of these raw talents.  I will be doing hands on teaching and mentoring as you photograph beauty and lifestyle setups.  There will be a gorgeous wedding setup at all our masterclasses.  You will leave with an unforgettable set of imageries that will define you as an artist.  On top of this, our team will also be teaching you about branding, secrets to create beautiful flat lays for social media content and add a depth to storytelling and I will also be teaching you the basic principles of fine art film photography, to set goals, chase purpose and discover the sound of your soul.

With gifts, talents, love and abundance comes great responsibility.   I know that alot of you my friends live with such open hearts and isn’t it just too easy to feel overwhelmed about the state of the world.  From poverty, disease and violence, the light within all of us feels more called to action.   This is where my heart lies and from the bottom of my hearts I would humbly love to inspire you with the gift that you have as a storyteller to initiate impact and better humanity.  At my workshops, we will be diving into a world of purpose.  If it’s not to raise funds, we will doing some photography work for them to paint the beautiful work that they do with our cameras.  This will be a workshop masterclass like none other, you will leave transformed, energized and inspired knowing that you have elevated your portfolio, gained insight to better your business and made a difference to the world!

Taipei Élan Vital Workshop – 24th + 25th July 2018 (registration closed)

Sydney Élan Vital Workshop – 7th + 8th October 2018 (SOLD OUT)

Paris Amelia Soegijono Photography Workshop – 18+19+20th June 2018 (SOLD OUT)

2020 Workshops – send us an email via link below to register your interest and to let us know where you would like us to make an appearance!  We will be announcing early 2020 for new workshop locations!

When you have been so busy doing the same thing for a long while, you often feel lost or even not knowing how to move forward down the path. At this point in time, some choose to keep moving forward, persistently, but more people end up giving up.
And I feel extremely fortunate that, just when I was hitting the roadblock on my photography journey, Élan Vital Workshop: Taiwan took place. This masterclass taught not only the techniques of film photography, but more importantly, it helped us find the innermost voice, our inner artist and discover our true self for our business. All precious and impressive works are soulful and carry unique human elements. And at Élan Vital Workshop: Taiwan, we were given the right tools and guidance to truly extract our creative voice and unique personal qualities and express all of our hearts through photography.
The photography instructor Amelia was our teacher and also our friend, and she shared with complete transparency and openness, enlightening our thoughts and perspectives about photography. Listening through Amelia’s sessions, I felt inexplicably moved through out the two days. She could truly understand the difficulties and bottlenecks we were and are facing, and she gave us faith and encouragement through genuinely talking through her utmost personal stories and past experiences. She specifically said, “Just be patient.” What she said really stayed with me. In this fast-paced world nowadays, we always try to push for efficiency and trying to achieve “success”, and if we don’t reach our goals in the limited time we gave ourselves, we start doubting ourselves and even want to give up completely. However, Amelia had reminded me that the process is always far more fruitful and important than the outcome itself. As long as we keep moving towards the right direction, even with challenges along the way, we will eventually reach our goal one day.
The entire 2-day masterclass went so smoothly and well-planned, and it’s all because of how impeccable Terrie and Annie designed, planned and executed everything. From the preparations leading up to the first day, to the styling and execution of the day-of, you could tell that their effort, time and hard work all made a difference. A big thank you to their thoughtfulness and diligence. I felt their true passion and admirable persistence. Thank you to every single vendor who made this masterclass possible and it was such an inspiring experience for us.
I look forward to joining another Élan Vital Workshop experience, chasing and achieving our dreams together!!

~ Angel from Angel Cheung Photography

I was new to fine art photography and so I arrived feeling uncertain of my own abilities. But Amelia and the Olea & Fig Team had created such an encouraging environment that we all felt safe and confident to learn and share with each other. I’ve gained so much more clarity in what I want to do next in just two days, which probably would take way much longer if I were to figure this out alone. And it doesn’t really matter how experienced you are in the industry, you will surely have something to take away. I would highly recommend Elan Vital Workshop to those who have a creative dream to pursue. It’s definitely life changing for me! I cannot thank you ladies enough for offering so much in the workshop!

I now have the confidence, as well as directions to start my flower blog/ community and will definitely keep you posted!

~ Iris Cheung / A Day with Flowers

Thanks to Olea & Fig & Amelia for this opportunity. It was very encouraging and motivating for me personally, and as an experienced photographer, I also learned my own shortcomings and areas for improvements. Keep dreaming, Keep fighting!

~ Arther Chen / Arther Chen Photography

I should be sleeping but my mind is racing through all the events that have happened these past two days (at Élan Vital: Sydney). I just want to say a big thank you from the very bottom of my heart, for pouring so much into me and into the rest of the group. We’ve been so blessed! I wish you the very best and may you continue to be blessed and be a blessing to the world in spreading beauty and uplifting hearts!

– Lena Lim / Live Laugh Love Photo

Sydney Workshop ~ Wedding at Hopewood House
ASP also offers 1:1 mentoring. Reach out to us via the contact form and tell us as much as possible about what you want to learn and we will get back to you with options
If you are a designer, stylist, florist, etc and would like to contribute to our workshops, we would love to hear from you too!  The workshop is a great opportunity to showcase your work, collaborate with other beautiful brands and wherever part of the world you are from!  Who knows our stars will align!
From left : Amelia teaching hands on matching digital to film editing ; some of the welcome gifts from wonderful sponsors ; Annie and Terrie teaching about branding ; a personalised invitation suite for every attendees