Welcome to my dream project

élan vital

dreamers, discover the sound of your soul

Join me and Olea & Fig on an unforgettable journey where photographers will learn to find themselves amongst the countless other photographers in this world.  You will be inspired to discover your own individual voice, to create unique and beautiful work from the depths of your heart and soul.  To be secure as a photographer whose place and calling can’t be replaced by anyone else.  Imagine the kind of mesmerising and beautiful work that will emerge out of these raw talents.  We will be photographing lovebirds in an intimate, lifestyle setting, a dancer and lovebirds out on the streets of Taipei.  You will leave with a gorgeous set of imageries that will define you as an artist.  On top of this, Annie and Terrie from Olea and Fig will also be teaching you about branding, their secrets to create beautiful styled photographs and I will also be teaching you the basic principles of fine art film photography.

With gifts, talents, love and abundance comes great responsibility.   With someone who lives as open heartedly as I do it can be easy to feel overwhelmed about the state of the world.  From poverty, disease and violence, the light within me feels more called to action.   This is where my heart lies and I would love have your company to create change, to better humanity using the power of photography and storytelling.  At élan vital, we will be partnering with a children charity and help them  to gain their voice and raise awareness.  100% of the profits from the funds we raise together will be donated to this charity to help them to further their good work.  This will be a workshop masterclass like none other, you will leave transformed, energized and inspired!

Places are extremely limited to create an intimate experience for each attendees.

Annie, Terrie and I absolutely can’t wait to meet you.